Govt must treat nurse’s strike with seriousness it deserves

By Open Society foundation

OSF is calling on the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance to resolve issues surrounding the nurse’s strike at UTH. Instead of Minister of Health Dr.

Joseph Kasonde calling the strikes illegal and unacceptable, it is him and his ministry who must bear the blame for failing to respond to this matter effectively and efficiently.

​The technical fault in administering new salary structures should not have happened in the first place. We ask him to empathize with the nurses before playing the blame-game. It does not need President Michael Sata’s intervention before Ministry of Health can put its act together.

We expect his ministry to engage ministry of finance and resolve this matter urgently. These nurses represent families counting on the revised salaries to meet some of their pressing challenges.

More so, it is not right that poor Zambians seeking medical attention should be subjected to what is obtaining at UTH just because someone failed to do their job.

This is an unacceptable crisis which is placing innocent lives at greater risk of being lost. This is sad because poor families with no means of seeking alternative medical options for their loved ones are bearing the greatest loss with this sad development.

This negligence deserves urgent action from the Ministry of Health and all concerned parties. This casual approach to issues of life and death must be discarded.

We lastly appeal to the Head of State President Michael Sata that while other sectors in the nation matter; his Government should give undivided attention and priority to the health sector.

It is high time that President Sata started to shake up some of these ministries as they are compromising delivery outputs of his Government. There is need for Government to ensure that Ministry of Health is hands-on in the manner they used to be when President Sata served as Minister of Health.