Govt lawyers misleading Sata

Government Lawyers advising President Michael Sata to ignore Supreme Court advice against the Tribunal are compromised and are setting him up for confrontation with the judiciary and general public, says ZADECO president Langton Sichone.

Mr. Sichone a Law student at Cavendish University said that those lawyers given the responsibility to advise the President were misleading him because they were compromised and fear to lose their jobs and the friendship of those who sponsored them.

“It was only fair for the leadership to heed the advice by the Supreme Court not to go ahead with the tribunal because it would not just end at scandalizing those judges but it will still come around and many people will be affected including Lovemore Chikopa Chirwa the Malawian Judge who was being paid even before the tribunal had started its sittings.

There is already an abuse of authority here. This is a vicious circle being created.