Govt continues with crackdown of online media

The Zambian government has continued with the interference of online media organisation which it is accusing of being against governmnent with the latest being the

The paper has reported that government has blocked the access of the site which it has also restricted to local (Zambia) viewing.

Government last month blocked the Zambianwatchdog from being access especially in Zambia although some internet expert and computer wizards are still accessing it.

Some journalists from the Zambianwatchdog including other online media have also been arrested in connection with the publication of ‘harmful’ news.

But the opposition United Party for Nationla Development have also allege that PF government has also ended up blocking the Statehouse website, Times of Zambia, Zamnet and a host of govt ministry websites in their attempt to block the Zambianwatchdog.

A Statement from the party secretarit said these government sites are inaccessible.

It has also condemned the new stance government has taken to waste money on tring to block websites saying the money is better used for productive sector.