Government refutes reports of tapping into citizens phone conversations

Government has refuted reports that the Special division of the office of the President is tapping into phone conversations of citizens.
Communication and Transport Minister Christopher Yaluma said that the rumors are not true, stating that government can never authorize such because it respects the rights of citizens.
Mr. Yaluma said that  it is time some citizens let go of their speculating mentality and concentrated on issues that are of more importance.
Speaking to QFM NEWS, Mr. Yaluma has since appealed to citizens not to believe the speculations and be discouraged to register their SIM cards.
He stated that it is important that citizens realize the many benefits that come with the SIM card registration exercise instead of listening to liars who only want to paint a bad picture of what the PF government is working on.
Mr. Yaluma has further reminded members of the public to have their SIM cards registered as the deadline is approaching.