Governing through Facebook the PF Way

File: Michael Sata while in opposition

File: Michael Sata while in opposition

By Hjoe Moono

The past week has seen new entrants to Facebook.

First His Excellency the President, MCS took to Facebook and launched his much talked about and Liked Page which has been hitting news headline in the public media.

I hear the President’s Facebook Page comments and likes are still toping the news headlines as quotes from comments in support of the president’s work are cited, along with the number of likes apparently depicting the president’s popularity.

The president has now taken to Facebook to announce important policy decisions such as the incorporation of the Industrial Development Corporation.

The only policy document on this important development available to the public can only be found on the President’s Facebook Page-his daily statuses, nowhere else.

Furthermore, the president has taken Facebook seriously as a platform to inform the citizenry on other national development issues such as Fertilizer Input Support Programmes, updates on infrastructure development, housing etc. It was delighting to see the president join Facebook, he seems to have caught up rather pretty fast with others such as the Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM), Hakainde Hichilema (HH) and others who had been on this fora for a long time.

Interestingly though, queries from the public, such as those from opposition parties are referred to his Facebook Page. I hear it contains a wealth of information we need regarding the state of governance in Zambia.

This is not strange, the president had long insulated himself from the Zambian people. The moment he went into State House, he ‘disappeared’. He appears honorarily during the Weekly Firing and Hiring Ceremonies. I suspect appointments may now be made on Facebook? Let’s wait and see.

I hear he is now on holiday somewhere—a secret location. But there has been improvement around our great leader’s movements, atleast we are told that he is travelling on a 14 day working holiday, a great development from what we had in the past when he would leave and jet in incognito, like the way the Son of Man is designed to come when he makes a second coming.

It would have been nice to know where he is headed to though, but I am sure now that he is on Facebook we will see some pictures, you know, like the ones Obama and Vladmire Putin take—shirtless in a short on some sandy beach somewhere off the coast of Malibu or the Bahamas. Can’t wait!

The Post Newspaper too got onto Facebook this week, joining the omnipresent online papers that have raised the information dissemination bar to unimaginable heights.

The Vice-president has taken the fight with GBM around Facebook. GBM is being accused of decampaigning PF on Facebook, accused of being in places he is not based on pictures on Facebook. I suspect the new comers still have a lot to learn regarding the features of Facebook.

Have a Great Weekend People!