Goodbye, Wynter. Goodbye, Political Immaturity

The fired and retired Hon. Wynter Kabimba, the man that found pomp and splendor and an inflated ego of extreme self-importance, the man that has never won an election in his entire political career, failing twice as MP in his home town was clearly the biggest liability to the PF and Mr. Sata. His actions of late, where he carried a ruthless campaign with the support of his colleagues with equally inflated egos and huge financial liabilities calling themselves “King-Makers” pushed his luck too far. He crossed the boundaries when he pulled the final string to hanging himself and his nonexistent political career that existed only in the friendly media he engaged for image building when he begun to attack senior members of cabinet like Hon. Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda. Clearly, he got too big for his boots and for a while become the political fool he was, and yes, look who is now laughing? He who laughs last laughs longest.

Before his joining the PF, there is really nothing Wynter had to show for both from his legal practice or from his work in local government or indeed in politics. He was an absolute failure with an exaggerated feel of extreme importance always living in the shadows of others. His arrogance, coupled with ignorance and a poor political foresight made him blind to the realities on the ground: That he is an appointed MP living at the mercy of the appointing authority, the president. His antagonizing duly elected MPs that he felt were threats to his none-existent political career was clearly a sign of political immaturity.

Wynter, unlike the other elected MPs lacked the political rigour and appreciation of managing people’s aspirations and needs. He lacked empathy in his governance style–what would we expect from a failed project anyway? Here is a man who would go on national TV and say the party has money for by-elections and would be happy to have as many as possible even when many people are living in abject poverty and hunger. Such recklessness made many of us question the aims of the PF in nation building.

Here is a man that had the audacity, after spending billions of kwacha on the constitution, to say that it was not a priority and that it would not be decided upon by a by a small group of educated Zambians who use Chizungu (English) in social clubs.

Here is a man, upon being appointed into the PF leadership, goes to his hometown and says: “You rejected me twice, now you see where I am? You thought I wouldn’t make it huh?” And so it was, that the immature politician suddenly was the talk of the nation and the darling of the press. Clearly the man had no regard for the welfare of the nation. His only goal, blinded by power and fake popularity in his friendly media, was to be the main man, launching a campaign to send off his perceived enemies from the PF. Little did he know that he was shadow boxing, alone in the ring and the only audience he had was his praise singing newspaper. He clearly outlived his usefulness in the PF.

Kabimba deserved to be fired from the party and dropped from Parliament too, only then will sanity return to Zambia’s governance system. Perhaps caught with pants down, a clown he is, he goes round Solwezi with hired crowds, and then boom: The best news the country has been waiting for comes through–the inflated balloon is popped! I can only imagine the look on his face when he heard the good news. I bet he shed a tear or two–he deserved it. What an educated ignorant arrogant man he is. The harder they come, the harder they fall indeed.

We have said it before, that this man had been proving to be terminally untrustworthy and close to being disturbed. He was proving to be an obsessive confidence-trickster who seems to live in an imaginary world created in his head. To the extent that he even believes what he said, he was delusional. To the extent that he did not, he iswas an actor whose first invention — himself — has been his only interesting role, and expects the entire nation to find amusement in his trickery. His tricks have failed him. He pushed his luck too far.

He forgot that he had no constituency, and then he goes to mock the man that made him who he is by antagonizing mature and level headed men like Hon. Alexander Chikwanda. He should have known better not to cross the path of senior men with authority. He should have treaded carefully when ABC warned of the bruises that may befall the PF antagonists. But alas, the man and his colleagues thought they would have an easy go on ABC as they have had with the others. And today, Zambians have celebrated just as they did in 2011 when PF won: The liability of progress is out of the way.

If Kabimba is as popular and as g as he was being portrayed, let him form his own party and challenge the current regime. Let us hear him go to his hometown and mock the people that didn’t vote for him again, as he did when he was appointed minister. Let him offer checks and balances from the terraces, otherwise, he is obsolete, like a dog without a bone, he too has joined the ranks of those he retired.

In his lessons learned from Wynter Kabimba, Antonio Mwanza of the Forum for Democracy and Development fittingly says: “Wynter’s fate should remind all of us never to put our lives in the hands of other men. The mistake Wynter made was to put all his eggs in President Sata’s laps. Look, Wynter had no job apart from the jobs Sata had given him. He was a nominated MP, appointed Minister and appointed SG. The man had nothing of his own! His fate was is President Sata’s hands.Secondly, Wynter allowed the little power Sata had borrowed him to get to his small head. He was all puffed up, arrogant and overzealous. I remember, in 2011 when myself, Comrade Stanford Kabwata and Wynter Kabimba featured on Muvi TV’s Hot Issue Program, the man was full of himself to the point of insulting us for living in the ghetto. As the easteners say, Wynter forgot that masiku ni panyo pa tambala”.

Goodbye, Wynter, what is next for you?

Source : Zambia Reports

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