Go Emmz! Southern Province’s Inspiring Muscian

Southern Province has been quite in terms of music production, but Zambian Eye fished out one of the talented artists to have come out of the province, Mr.Emmz.



He is currently based on the Copperbelt, a Teacher by profession but still loves music. Our Correspondent, Mastone Moonze spoke to him and here is what he had to say.

Zambian Eye: Firstly, where were you born?
Emmz: Well, I am a son of Macha Chiefdom as it is my mother’s land of birth, Choma.

Zambian Eye: Oh that is really nice, so when did you start your music career?
Emmz: Well, I’ve been in the music industry since 2009 though it’s been in and out because of school.

Zambian Eye: Okay great, what made you join the industry and what type of music do you do?
Emmz: Aah!  Since childhood I’ve had love for music and I was a fan of Awilo Longomba a Congolese musician. The music I do, falls under Zambian Ragga though I’ve also come up with my own style of Zambian Rave. Rave. Hahahaha!!!

Zambian Eye: What do you make of artists who have a short lifespan in the Zambian music industry?
Emmz: Well, to be truthful the music industry is full of temptations, it’s just like what Petersen sang in his” Sefula,” song women are the first temptation and as musicians we need to be careful the way we relate to lady fans, we should not be loose, they always lead to the downfall and some people are not able to pull it off again.

Zambian Eye: When did you release your first song?
Emmz: My first song was a feature in 2009 which led me to meeting my producer who then liked my style when I did a feature with some regular musician. Then I started working with him in the studio first as a cleaner; later on I did my first song called “I can do anything”.

Zambian Eye: Wow!  that sounds very interesting. Who was your producer and where was the first studio you recorded your first song at?
Emmz: My first producer was the late Mr. Fines Mushanga of the Kafue Gospel Band. May his soul rest in peace, he was the owner of Fine studios in Choma and that’s where I recorded my debut song in 2009.

Zambian Eye: Earlier, you mentioned something about going to school, what are you studying?
Emmz: In 2010, I first did Information Technology for a year and am a certificate holder. Then in 2011, I thought of going back to school and this time around I changed my career and did teaching which I completed last year with a diploma.
Despite the love for music, Mr. Mastone I’ve always put school first, thus would love to encourage all the musicians in Zambia to have something to hold on in life because education is the door to everything and music runs out, that’s my take on it you know.

Zambian Eye: You are a great role model. Out of my curiosity and others am sure, how many songs do you have so far?

Emmz: Hahahahaha!  (he laughs) well, talking about a number of songs, whew! I always laugh because I’ve done an MP3 as part of my practice yet I don’t count old projects. As an artist and music producer,  I feel as of now I know what’s good for peoples ears and I personally believe that a musician is like a preacher such that what you sing about is what people put into practice. So in line with my thoughts I’ve only 5 songs at the moment.

Talking about artists that I’ve worked with or featured huh!  I’ve produced music for guys like;  Mpande “Mwana Wako Malumo,” Real Jay “Muna musanza” and at the moment am working with Mosh Money of the foolish me firm and also some Kopala guys you have probably heard of on the Copperbelt. Besides that, I am currently working with Shenky as we are working on some old friend’s album C2 from Choma.

Emmz with friendsZambian Eye:  Ah! Getting personal, are you Married?

Emmz: No! No! And no! Am not married but I am in a serious relationship.

Zambian Eye: Interesting, what songs do you have so far, I know you said 5, but could you be more specific?

Emmz: Huh…Hmm! Definitely, I had to re-do my first song “I can do anything” then there are other new songs like, What a woman can do, Nikamanga Mutima, Ndaya Kubutonga, You don’t Deserve, Chikwati and am currently working on another song entitled “Sindiwe Mukazi Wachikwati and that makes it for the 5 that I told you about can’t really count the one am working on yet. Kikikiki…

Emmz 1So until my next song also looks forward to the album which is in the works and please I still stand firm on you Mr. Mastone and everyone else to encourage education because we need to hear positive music out there. Thank you!

Edited by Val Shaw