GBM vowes to fight M’membe’s scheme

Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba popularly known as GBM has vowed to fight what he terms a clandestine scheme to impose a puppet as sucessor to President Michael Sata by The Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe.

Mwamba says his endorsement campaign for President Sata has laid bare a clandestine scheme to prop-up and impose puppets.

Mwamba who has now taken his campaign on the social media posted the following message.

A Big Thank You To You All! My endorsement for President Michael Sata has laid bare a clandestine scheme to prop-up and impose puppets.

Its architects have resolved to fight anyone in their way and ensure they succeed with their devious scheme. They are deceiving themselves.   Today, 9th September 2013, the Post Newspaper bears a screaming and mischievous headline: “EASTERNERS ARE SLY-GBM”.

Let me mention that while the malicious headlines by the Post Newspaper are inconsequential to me and I’ll leave it up to the reasonable minds to see through their lies and distortions, I want to tell them that they have no capacity to come between me and my cousins in Eastern Province as is the case with

Today’s Headline. In the context of my statement with reference to Mkaika, SLY meant CLEVER. My cousins in the Eastern Province know that attempts by the Post Newspaper to insinuate and misrepresent the context of my remarks are hogwash and should be rejected with utter contempt.

I have profound respect for Easterners as much as I do for all Zambians from all corners of the country. The Post Newspaper drew another blank here! Just to drum it into the ears of the Post Newspaper and Fred M’membe- GBM stands for UNITY in the Nation, in the Party and in Government.

Unlike them, I’m not a divisive and polarizing person.   Today, we can assure them that the collective courage and wisdom of the Zambian is about to break the Bwinjimfumu Cartel! The destiny of our country lies in the hands of its people as chief architects and NOT in the Post Newspaper. In case the Post Newspaper forgets, We, The Zambian People, will always Determine Our Own Destiny.