GBM launches Sata for 2016 campaign

Defense Minister Geophrey Bwalya Mwamba commonly known as GBM has launched a second term bid campaign for President Michael Sata.

Mwamba who himself has presidential ambition launched the campaign in Chipata, July 22, 2013 where he is supposed to be campaigning for the PF parliamentary candidate Lameck Magani. He told the people of Chipata that the campaign for Sata to run in 2016 must start now.

“We should now start saying that 2016 Michael Sata,” Mwamba told Chipata residents.

He charged that the ruling party – Patriotic Front (PF) shall make sure that it adopts Sata to run for a second term.

“We shall make sure that we force Sata to stand in 2016,” said Mwamba to the amazement of the residents who seem taken an aware of the pronouncement.

Mwamba who heavily funded the PF campaigns and Michael Sata in the 2011 elections has publicly declared that he will want to take over from him when he steps down.

This launch of Sata for 2016 campaign now brings a lot of talking points as whether President Sata has hinted that he will run for another term.

Currently power struggle among top PF leaders almost divided the party as those aspiring started undoing each other with a view to position themselves. It is viewed that Sata may not run for another term due to old age and poor health.