Gay couple denies charges, Amnesty demands their freedom

The Two men accused of sodomy have denied the charges but remain in detention.
Meanwhile, Amnesty has called on Zambian authorities to immediately release the two young men who have been denied bail after being arrested on charges of having sex “against the order of nature”.
Philip Mubiana, 21, and James Mwape, 20, are  charged with having sexual relations between April 11 and 25, after the first known arrest of a gay couple in the southern African country.
“I understand the charge and I plead not guilty,” the court official quoted Mwape as saying.
Mubiana also pleaded not guilty in the magistrates’ court in Kapiri Mposhi.
The men were arrested Monday after Mubiana’s relatives reported them.
Police allege that Mubiana played a female role in the relationship and had at times dressed as a woman.
They are expected to be in detention until their trial starts on  May 22.