Garden residents demand closure of Makwe Pub

RESIDENTS in Lusaka’s Old Garden Compound have demanded for the closure of the infamous Makwe Pub, saying that it has contributed to the high levels of immorality in the area.

In an interview yesterday, a mother of three, Mary Mwila, 34, said it was unfortunate that young people in the area had resorted to alcohol, drugs and prostitution.

“What is happening here in old Garden compound is really unfortunate. It is sad that most of our young people today are engaging in all sorts of activities. We cannot say that we don’t know why this is so here because we have seen how young girls and boys are wasting their lives by spending most of their time in Makwe Pub,” Mwila said.

She said most young people opted to go to bars instead of going to school.

Mwila said it was unfortunate that the owner of Makwe pub opens the place as early as 10:00 hours.

“No one can even explain what is really happening to the children of nowadays because things have just changed.