From My Rolling Chair: “Our Nation Still At Crossroads since 1964”

Norman Kapata

Within a short time the PF has been in power ,it has  created so much pain, anger and division with only a few tribesmen and friends who are enjoying the cake of Zambia and those called close relatives.

By Norman Kapata

Since1964 when this Country got Independence years have rolled away and Zambia has still remained static on the same level both politically, socially and economically.

Our politics are still the same of poverty, corruption, manipulation, revulsion, mudslide, deceitfulness and greedy. Our leaders who participated in the liberation struggle in 1960`s are still the same and are still the same people still occupying the same public offices, the only change is just changing from one political party to the other but with the same ideology.

The style of leadership is still the same and we are still living in a country where our actions and approach to real developmental issues are still the same.

Zambia a country so rich in all aspects of natural sectors. A country so rich in human resource, natural environment, natural minerals, so rich soils, abundant water, abundant wild life, abundant land for national development but with the poorest and highest levels of jealous,  revulsion, accusations, witch- hunting, corruption, greedy, deceit  policies to implement and  to utilize what God has feely given us.

In Australia the Government had to spend millions of dollars to transport good rich soils from the other side of the country to other side where there was a desert so that farmers are able to grow crops to feed its citizens but here in Zambia, you can name any place, one is able to grow crops but we have failed to appreciate what God has given us.

We live in a country where leaders regard young people as ladders to get to higher offices for their selfish gain. Young people who for the past decades have been used as tools of violence, young people who at an expense of a dollar which is given to them by a politician, can go to an extent of killing their own blood brothers because a politician has given it out to them to buy opaque beer to attend a campaign rally. And we still remain the same people –proud and free.

A Zambian who has always stood tall proud and free even if he has nothing to offer. A Zambian who has for the past 48 yrs failed to stand up on a platform to say-am proud and free in my Country. Each one of us carries an element of pride that makes it impossible to work with the other. A Zambian who has lagged behind both socially, economically and politically for the past 48years.

A nation that can be able to change the African continent with its abundant natural resources but now it’s a Nation which is at crossroads where its citizenry have witnessed the harsh times of their lives on earth just to bring bread and butter on their tables.
Our young democracy is under threat and the future of the young people is still at crossroads.

The young people have for a long time waited for their time to come so that they are able to take control and participate in the governance of Mother Zambia but their dreams have been shattered time in time out by any Government that has come in power

The youths of Zambia have now been turned into more like spectators at a football stadium where they have been thrown in the grand stand merely watching political players fighting for political leadership and have been watching with keen interest.

Leaders have come in and gone, a lot of promises have been made to the youths of this nation on different platform but nothing since independence has been fulfilled.

We have been promised a decent future every year during Youth Day cerebrations, we have been promised decent jobs during campaigns, we have been promised that we are the future leaders OF THIS Nation during national ceremonies but what we have now realized is that every single word and promise that has been made to us was merely done to silence us from talking.

Just words thrown to us to give us a hope and a lip service that will never build us. When the PF came on the scene it came with it a storm of change and a great inspiration to all the people of Zambia. A government whose leader we regarded as a man of action. A visionary party with its leader who was going to put more money in people`s pockets. A government which was going to give the Zambian people a future and its people to be proud and free Zambian citizen.

People said enough was enough under the MMD regime and that they wanted real change, a change that was going to better their lives.
2011 came the PF under President Michael Sata who promised to give the people of Zambia their dreams and inspirations within 90 days and the message from the PF was so strong that despite all the tricks and manipulations the MMD wanted to resort to for them to bounce back to power was shot down as the whole nation became like a movement that wanted change.

A change that brought a smile on all the faces of all Zambian citizens with its national anthem song “Don’t Kubeba’ which brought hope and inspirations to the so many people of Zambia regardless of their status.

Down the lane the fading of the “Don’t Kubeba” song has also gone fading with the PF promises, as we are now dancing to new songs on the scene and everyone has forgotten about the song, a song that received massive airplay nearly in all corners of the country and even our politicians have also equally forgotten their promises and they are also dancing to news songs that are rocking on the market.

What a country whose leaders forget so easily and only remember when it’s about a year towards elections. It is said that if you cannot learn from other people`s mistakes then you will surely never learn and even President Sata and the PF are also among those in this nation who have not learnt a lesson despite being in the opposition and Government for years.

It’s clear and obvious that young people in Zambia under the PF Government regardless of a heaven on earth nothing positive will be expected under this grouping of the PF regime. There are strong indications that the PF boat is heading to nowhere as its only destination appears to be heading to settling the so many scores of its political adversaries.

Are you proud to be called a Zambian citizen? Within a short time the PF has been in power ,it has  created so much pain, anger and division with only a few tribesmen and friends who are enjoying the cake of Zambia and those called close relatives.

Look at the age for some of the ministers, some of them used to carry banners during the Cha Cha Cha campaign displaying them to colonists that we want political independence and that was before 1964 and today 2013 they are still in political office and when do you think the youth will be given the instrument of power to take control or when do you think the old folks will hand over power to the young generation???

For me I say politics are dirty games because our leaders have failed to look at the day to day challenges that the citizens of this country are subjected to each new day.

What politicians easily forget is that it’s us the same citizenry  who despite under difficult and rough times of having a single meal per day, trekking long distances to find clean drinking water, trekking long distances on foot through the valleys,plains,bushes and rocky mountains to take our kids to the nearest health centre.

We  are still the same citizens with children who on a daily basis will journey to and from school on foot and whose breakfast is meal sample, wild fruits though , we were promised a better future within 90 days during 2011 campaign promises and we are still the same people or citizens who have helped to build such politicians by offering them a platform and a listening ear.

In short it’s us who employed them and gave them a public job and what they forget is that our wallets and pockets are still loaded with bullets and weapons that through a secret ballot are able to fire them all from Office.

There are the same politicians who live so free in Zambia-they do not worry about the house they live in, the maid, the food, car, fuel, driver, electricity, clothes, shoes ,beds, blankets ,phones are because they all enjoy our tax payers money in short all this is for free to them. Some politicians since independence have never bought a bag of breakfast mealie meal in their lives and others do not even know how a tin of kapenta looks like-  why because they get everything for free.

What a country Zambia whose leaders are so greedy and would want to cling to power for the rest of their lives or their stay on earth. A country where our politics have become so cheap that every politician wants to be Republican President or just either a political party president even if one has a following of just 7 people or just his family members as party officials at times even his wife has no interest and do not support his party. What a proud and free democratic nation?

13 million Zambians are today living in abject poverty. Do not zip your mouth because you are a police officer, teacher, nurses and civil servants we are all feeling it deep down. All these people today are very angry and disappointed because they are the ones who had created a secret movement that brought the PF into Office because of the sufferings on the hands of the MMD and they  really wanted change that was going to better their lives.

They looked and hoped to a future that was going to pay teachers, Police Officers and the civil servants very decent salaries.
The Zambian people also wanted a government that was going to truly manage and address the issue of corruption in a transparent and accountable manner regardless of their political groupings, tribal and the perceived family trees.

Zambians also did not want to see the fight against corruption based on witch-hunting basis because some leaders were in government and they denied them jobs and maybe they got this and that contract.

With the huge number of unemployed youths in the Country, the youths expected to be empowered and be independent where they were to be given soft loans and also change the way of doing business in Zambia.

The young people thought that the PF was going to trim the cabinet so that some funds allocated to this huge group was going to help the people in the villages who have no drinking water and food. Why have more than 3 to 4 deputy ministers in one single ministry? Is it that some deputies are failing to execute their duties?

This is the only country I have ever heard of in this world where you have more than 70 people tagged as ministers with their deputies, despite having a huge number of ministers policy delivery in the Country is still 2% .What a country full of a superb human resources but poorly displaced.

Our political leaders in Government, in the opposition and even most of us the so called “streets adults” really need and require a total overhaul.

It’s so sad that our leaders are able to believe that young people in this country have really nothing to do such that they are positive convinced that young people have no platform and totally nothing to offer in the development of this country and the future of job creation for young people under the current administration compared to their campaign promises is brink.

It was disheartening to hear that the PF Government intends to recruit retired teachers for the shortages of teachers in schools in the country while we have millions of trained “chalk breakers” looming the streets every year. We have seen a huge number of retired and old politicians being brought back into office but surely bringing back retired teachers while you have a chunk of trained teachers on the streets- what a joke!!!!And can one be happy that we have a government that was going to address the youth unemployment in the country….

Soon or later we shall hear that the PF Government would want to recruit some retired Policemen to beef up the shortages of Officers in the country.

Even though some cadres in the PF have unleashed some brutal and ugly attacks on some youths from the opposition, the fact and the point is that we have all felt the same hunger, poverty and pain of being unemployed, begging in the streets, parading the streets to be used by selfish leaders and at the end of the day they leave us and we unite as one at pubs, taverns’ and in the night.

We live like brothers and sisters at night but when we see our leaders we fight…why do we fight?
When President Sata was sworn in by Chief Justice Ernest Sakala, President Sata pledged to dedicate his energy to serve the people of Zambia without fear or favor.

The president further reiterated his willingness to stand by his promises of initiating developmental projects within 90 days.
President Sata also disclosed that his regime was going to reduce the size of cabinet and government expenditures so that resources can be channeled to development.

And years down the lane none of the so many promises made by President Sata has been fulfilled and the question is -was the PF just riding on us with their promises or they meant well? It’s clear that if the PF government does not urgently change their style of governance it risks being the most unpopular government ever in the history of Zambia due to the high unemployment rates in the country.
That popularity that the PF enjoyed when it came to power quickly fade and fizzled out just like its “Don’t Kubeba” national anthem song as the Zambian people were now dancing to new songs on the market.
The PF government has so far made more social and political blunders in a short time it has been in power   compared to what they have achieved and also compared to the other parties that have been in Government since 1991.

The PF seem to have forgotten about their campaign promises which they made and surely assured the people of Zambia but half of the stay in Government has been terminating jobs, terminating contracts left by the Rupiah Banda administration, unfruitful commission of inquiries which have not benefited a common man on the streets.

What a country? The PF should be sincere with the youths of Zambia as they are planting a time bomb which will one day explode and will have no words to explain their hard earned sacrifices of bringing them to power.

The hate of several tribes by the PF Government, the transferring of the RDA to state house as no one is able to provide the checks and balances, protecting of several leaders from being prosecuted, political witch- hunting in the name of fighting corruption will surely haunt many PF leaders when this government leaves office –take it or leave it will be a show down.