Fr Viateur says he can’t do anything that can disturb peace

LUNDAZI Parish Priest Fr Viateur Banyangandora says he cannot do anything that can disturb the peace and order in Lundazi because he knows his mission as a priest.

And Lundazi district commissioner Janet Mvula says those who were in a habit of telling lies and gossiping in 2012 should change this year.

Speaking during his first mass at Lundazi’s St Pauls Parish on Sunday, Fr Banyangandora said he had no grudge against anyone.

“I want to assure you that nothing and I repeat; nothing that can disturb the peace and order in our district can come from me, because I know my mission. I know my vocation that is caring, uniting, building, reconciling and guiding the fellow human being to the King of Heaven and earth, that is my mission,” he said.

He said during his deportation ordeal, he prayed that he could see light at the end of the tunnel.

Fr Banyangandora said while in Rwanda, he prayed day and night to know what transpired in Lundazi that led to his deportation.