Fr. Bwalya to write a book about Sata

Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) President Frank Bwalya says President Michael Sata is planning to block the launch of his political party scheduled for next month (August).

Fr. Bwalya alleged that the President has assigned Police officers to play a football match on the same day he plans to launch his party. He said this plan is aimed at stopping him from going ahead with the much anticipated party launch which is expected to give a  good challenge to the Patriotic Front (PF).

The ABZ said this on Monday evening. The PF has not allowed political parties to hold rallies or other  political gathering especially in Lusaka since it came in office in 2011.

Fr. Bwalya says the police will give an excuse of being committed and lack of manpower to stop him from launching his party.

But the outspoken former clergy has vowed not to be intimidated by President Sata and his inner circles.

And the ABZ President has revealed that he will write a book on Sata’s famous quotes and promises when he was in the opposition to remind people how arrogant the Head of State was and has become. He said the book will also include some of the speeches and quotes of Sata when he become President.

Fr. Bwalya has also accused President Sata and the PF government of inciting opposition Members of Parliament to defect by putting them on full salary and giving them free fuel and other things. He said the President is also working with the Judiciary which he directs to nullify seats so that there could be more by-elections in the country. He argued that the PF is not any attractive but is only managing to get these MPs because of the incentives it is giving them.