Fr Bwalya Says The SATA We Supported Died Long Time Ago ‘Sata has lost an opportunity to be the Messiah for this country’

Out spoken Catholic priest Father Frank Bwalya has announced that he is immediately forming a political party.

Fr Bwalya who recently resigned his position on the ZESCO board as Chairperson in a move he said was meant to reclaim his voice, says President Michael Sata has lost it and that time has come for Zambians to start waiting for the next messiah.

He says President Sata is no longer the same caring person Zambians knew before he became president.

He says he made the decision to form a political party last night as part of the visions that God has been showing him.

Fr Bwalya says he has a vision for a Zambia which will have not street kids among other things.

He adds that people challenging him to form a political party are scared because they know that their stay in power is threatened.

QFM News reports that Fr Bwalya says his political legacy in Zambia has dawned, and has promised to introduce a new type of politics.