Fr Bwalya, Kambwili in bitter exchange

CHISHIMBA Kambwili yesterday called Fr Frank Bwalya a liar and a bitter and frustrated priest who is running mad.

But Fr Bwalya said it was up to the people to judge who was running mad between him and Kambwili, including those in government.

Reacting to Fr Bwalya’s scathing attack on President Michael Sata and the PF on Radio Phoenix yesterday when he announced his intention to form a political party, Kambwili said Fr Bwalya should stop misleading Zambians as they were not stupid.

Kambwili revealed in an interview later after phoning into Radio Phoenix, that like former works and supply minister Mike Mulongoti, Fr Bwalya thought he would be entitled to unlimited favours and for Fr Bwalya even illegal ones.

Kambwili said President Sata came into power for the benefit of many people and not a few selfish individuals.

“He Fr Bwalya took the MMD (government) to court over a certain matter.