Fr Bwalya is not a factor – Mukanga

ENERGY minister Yamfwa Mukanga says Fr Frank Bwalya is not a factor and the PF will meet him squarely on the political arena.

And Michael Kaingu, who is MMD vice-president for political affairs, has offered to resign his position for Fr Bwalya if he chooses to join the MMD and wants to be vice-president.

Mukanga, who is also Kantanshi PF member of parliament, said Fr Bwalya was not a factor and the PF would stand up and defend itself from any attacks from anyone.

“I don’t want him (Fr Bwalya) to make mileage out of my statements. To me, he is not a factor. He can despise my President and say what he wants to say, but I can tell you that the President is very committed to bringing development to the people of Zambia,” Mukanga said.

“The President is not all about personalities. He is looking at the whole Zambia, working very hard and spending most of his time trying to ensure that there is development. We were in Chongwe just yesterday.