Fr. Bwalya Castigates Sata For Demeaning Ministers in Public

July 16, 2013.

President Michael Sata should stop the bad habit of castigating our government ministers in public. He should not forget that ministers and all government officials are there to serve the people with the Patriotic Front as the ruling party. This is the reason we say “PF-led government”. As such, it is unbecoming of President Sata to humiliate our ministers in the manner he did to Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Effron Lungu. Mr Sata should realize that castigating ministers in public demeans them and undermines their authority.

Moreover, the President should always bear in mind that our ministers are grown up people with families and subordinates in their ministries. They deserve respect and kind treatment even when they go wrong. Therefore, we urge Mr. Sata to use better ways of correcting and reprimanding our ministers and those that work with him. We also think that Mr. Sata’s habit of threatening government officials with dismissal each time they do something wrong is cruel and very demotivating.

We are surprised that the President has been displaying his anger on trivial issues that have nothing to do with the problems our people face. We will be happy to see Mr. Sata annoyed about lack of good medical care for poor people, high cost of education, transport, meali meal and cement. Above all, President Sata should have been annoyed at the killing of defenceless citizens in the Kampasa land saga and many other bad things that have continued to happen in our country.
Finally, we urge President Michael Sata to learn to restrain himself and try to be a caring and inspiring leader to those in government. He should realize that he will not win respect nor inspire team spirit by shouting like one of our soccer coaches in Zambia.

Fr Frank Bwalya