Fr Bwalya backs gays


in Johannesburg, South Africa –

CATHOLIC priest-cum-politician Frank Bwalya has publicly supported gay marriages and says he would not arrest those practising homosexuality if he was elected President.

Father Bwalya said he would respect homosexuals, claiming this was in line with the Catholic Church which prescribed respect for every individual.

He said this when he addressed journalists in Johannesburg at the invitation of Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa (OSISA) yesterday.

“I will not arrest homosexuals but respect them if I was given an opportunity to run the country,” he said.

Fr Bwalya, who is former Zesco Board chairperson, admitted that he had no idea on how to run a country and would rely on advisers if he was allowed to govern as President of Zambia in 2016.

 ”I have no idea on how to run a country but I have an idea on who has an idea on how to run the country.