Former Police Officer welcomed with punches in Cells

By Correspondent

An Ex-Police Reserve Shadrick Chimeza 44 was on October 17, 2013 beaten by inmates at Chirundu Police station.

Chimeza a resident of Mazongolo compound in Chirundu was beaten after a detention for an offense of conduct. Chimeza who earlier signed an agreement with a lady to buy his house but latter threatened to cancel the agreement because the customer was delaying to pay the balance of K24, 500.00 after paying K4, 500.00 as down payment and this prompted the buyer reporting the matter to the office of the DC  in order to iron out some differences over the sale agreement.

Both parties were told to go back to the DC’S office on the following day. And when they met at the Dc’s office on Thursday morning, they were told that, the DC was out of town and it’s at this point Chimeza started shouting on top of his voice.

Pay me the balance or get back your money so that I look for a serous buyer. And why should you drag me to the office of the DC, for what reason? He is not part of this agreement, it’s between you and me and if you fail to pay me the balance then am ready to give you back your money.

However, his noise attracted a lot of attention from members of the community especially the marketeers at Chirundu main market and the office of the DC has to contact police who came to pick him. immediately after being ushered in the police cells Mr.Chimeza was welcomed with punches by some inmates.

An ex police officer was heard crying, mayo….please help  and the police had to quickly go and transfer him into a minor cell and later on, former MMD Chirundu Area Councilor Mr. Gift Chanda who was at the police station in the company of Chrispin Malesu paid for the conduct fine and was released.

And in an interview, one of the inmate said, the guy when he was working as a police reserve, was very hush, he use to beat people, detain people unnecessarily. It was now the his time to pay back and he never thought one day we will meet in the boxing ring.

But Chimeza accused members of the community of wanting to turn Chirundu DC Mr. Maxwell Siamalimba’s office into a kangaroo court and now the DC has become the police, the judge and I don’t think
this right.