Former Kapiri Mposhi MP joins UPND

The UPND logo

The UPND logo

Former Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Kapiri Mposhi MP Lawrence Zimba has defected to the United Party for National Development (UPND) and he has declared his intention to re-contest his nullified seat in the area under the party.

Speaking when he joined the opposition party at its secretariat in L;usaka the Zambian Capital today February 22 2013 together with other members from various political parties, Zimba said the UPND is the only formidable party with a clear developmental manifesto for the country.

He said the UPND was the only party that could uplift the Lives of the majority of the Zambians from poverty.

Zimba further said he was happy to join a party that had higher chances of forming government whenever elections are held.

The Supreme Court recently nullified the Kapiri Mposhi seat held by Mr. Zimba under the MMD who now said wishes to re-contest the seat under UPND and prove that he genuinely won it.

And in welcoming Mr. Zimba, UPND Secretary General Winston Chibwe said the former parliamentarian was free to participate in the party’s affairs at any level.

Chibwe said UPND was definitely forming the next government going by the growing popularity on the ground and said more people are welcome to join.