Former DCs explain their defection to PF

TWO former district commissioners in Eastern Province have maintained that they defected to PF because of massive corruption and abuse of power in the former ruling party.

Peter Dodoli Nyirenda and Paul Zulu – were reacting to MMD Eastern Province chairperson Alexander Miti’s statement during an MMD meeting chaired by party president Nevers Mumba last week that some former DCs defected to PF for selfish reasons.

The two former DCs who were also founder members of the MMD in the province stated that they were deeply shocked with Miti’s poor analysis of political events in the country, especially on the MMD leadership in the province.

They stated that genuine political change occurred in 2011 and that those still mourning the loss should sober up and consider joining the progressive forces.

“In 1991 during the change of government, the region lagged behind because of the thinking capacity of elements like Alexander Miti.