Foreign Presidents Shunning Zambia – Nevers

Opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy president Nevers Mumba says Zambia has been shunned by foreign Heads of State since President Michael Sata took over due to the fast deteriorating international image.

And Mumba said there was nothing wrong with him having branded President Sata’s withdrawal of former Republican President Rupiah Banda’s passport as stupid.

Featuring on Radio Phoenix’s Let The People Talk Mumba said there may be merit in linking recent rampant accidents to acts of human sacrifices by political leaders.

Mumba said since President Sata assumed office there had been no visit by any Head of State despite the PF leader regularly visiting other countries.

He said for the first in the country’s history the annual Zambia International Trade Fair had been shunned by the international leaders leaving a minister to officiate.

“Zambia’s international image has suffered since the PF took over government.