FODEP Fears Increased Violence in 2016

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) says the country should brace itself for heightened political confrontation and violence during the 2016 election campaign if the ruling Patriotic Front and the opposition do not provide effective leadership to their cadres and supporters now.
FODEP executive director MacDonald Chipenzi says the current rivalry being witnessed between the PF and UPND should also remind the country of the rivalry witnessed prior to the 2011 elections between the PF and MMD.
Chipenzi notes that Zambians should seriously reflect and realize that this kind of politics never pays but rather discourages people from being part of the political governance process.
Speaking at media briefing on Monday, Chipenzi says FODEP condemns in the gest sense the recent political violence involving PF and UPND cadres in Mangango and Luampa.
He says FODEP demands an immediate end to politics of confrontation in Zambia being practiced and perpetuated by the two rival parties.
Chipenzi states that this is because the actions of the two political parties do not inspire confidence in the electoral process and have the greatest potential of scaring away would be voters in Mangango and other areas where elections are taking place.
He says FODEP notes that though both political parties have condemned violence in their public statements, this has only remained as lip-service condemnation hence the need for them to walk the talk.
Chipenzi says FODEP has further observed that some participating political parties in Mangango are engaged in smear campaigns of discrimination based on age and language.
He says this is besides the presence of pockets of political party officials from others parts of the country such as Lusaka and allegations of involvement of District Commissioners in the campaigns despite them being civil servants.

Source : Zambia Reports

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