Female teachers flee School, men having sex with them in sleep

By a Correspondent

Four female teachers at Kamabuta Upper Basic School on the outskirts of Mufumbwe have deserted their posts because some men are allegedly having sex with them in their sleep.
Mufumbwe district commissioner Emma Mankishi who visited the school to explain Government’s youth and women’s projects to residents was shocked to discover a female teacher with her belongings in the school yard around 17:00 hours on Saturday saying she was shifting into the boma.
The named teacher, narrated to Ms Mankishi that she and three of her colleagues, out of the 20 at the school, were living in fear of the ‘mysterious men’.
“We are shifting to the boma. My friend has already gone. There is too much witchcraft here; we can’t sleep. Men have sex with us in our sleep. By the time you wake up, you find you are wet. I can’t even count [how many times it has happened], “ the teacher said.
“It’s almost all the female teachers, the single ones. I just have to [move] because my family is not safe. I come to work tired [because of staying up awake in the night for fear of being ‘harassed’],” she explained.
She told Ms Mankishi that the school is reported to have had such a problem long before she arrived four months earlier, and that wives of married male teachers had similar experiences, only that they feared coming in the open .
The teacher added that male teachers were prone to sicknesses.
She said all the affected teachers have decided to be commuting to the school, which is about 10 kilometers west of Mufumbwe boma.
And some residents in the area said they are appalled by the scenario and called on Ms Mankishi to immediately attend to the problem.
Ms Mankishi said, however, that if it is the community that is troubling the teachers, they risked having the school closed, a situation that will leave their children without formal education.
She assured the female teacher that she, together with the district education board secretary (DEBS) would soon visit the school to be oriented on the circumstances.
Ms Mankishi however, said ‘it is difficult to verify such things because when they are sleeping, they are alone.’
“We want to ask the chief to go there and sort out these issues,” she said.