FBZ still strong despite ‘conspiracy’ – Mahtani

DR Rajan Mahtani says Finance Bank has remained strong despite undergoing the possession period caused by an alleged ‘conspiracy’ by Rupiah Banda’s administration.

And Vice-President Guy Scott says the government is proud of Finance Bank’s recovery from the problems it faced prior to the 2011 general elections.

Announcing the financials for 2012, Dr Mahtani, who is chairman of the Mahtani group of companies, said the bank had been recording significant growth since its handover to its original shareholders.

“Since the handover, the bank has paid to the treasury KR19.862 million in 2011 and KR24.970 million in 2012. The bank’s position remained strong, despite undergoing the ‘possession period’ caused by an alleged ‘conspiracy’ by the previous administration in conjunction with a number of borrowers who singled only me out for criticism and vilification,” Dr Mahtani said.