Farmers remain poor due to low crop yields – Chikwanda

FINANCE minister Alexander Chikwanda says small-scale farmers in Zambia remain persistently poor despite working hard because of continuously recording low crop yields.

And the World Bank yesterday loaned Zambia US$29.8 million (about KR150 million) to be spent on agricultural research activities that would help improve productivity, crop yield levels as well as augment the country’s crop diversification efforts.

Speaking at the signing ceremony in Lusaka yesterday, Chikwanda noted that small-scale farmers could deliver prosperity but there was a compelling need for such farmers to improve their agronomy.

He said agriculture offers the most promising prospects for Zambia’s accelerated and sustainable development as well as reducing poverty but productivity levels especially among small-scale farmers who form the bulk of the country’s agriculture sector was still poor.

“This is why the agreement we have signed today yesterday of US$29.