Face to Face: Miles Sampa versus Muhabi Lungu

Sampa (l) with Lungu

Sampa (l) with Lungu

By Sidique Abdullah Gondwe

These symbolic and partly fictitious rap battles are for those that find politics boring but still want to know whats going on in politics. They are meant to bring thrill to the otherwise boring and selfish politics of Zambia.

This Rap Battle is loosely based on the Muvi Television debate between Deputy Finance Minister Miles Sampa and MMD Director of Communication in the office of the president, Muhabi Lungu. This particular battle favours Muhabi because even Sampa himself acknowledges that he was unprepared.

Below is part of the debate on a programme called Assignment that was hosted last Sunday:

Sampa: I am the best Rapper because I can explain things deep/
Whats a subsidy? When government yabika money mu product to make it cheap

Muhabi: You won’t win this Rap battle though back at UNZA (University of Zambia) you were my union leader and almost got me arrested
when police threw tear gas on us while we demonstrated.

Sampa: We need to remove subsidies in this day and age/
For 20 years subsidies have not helped those in Kalobo or Sinazongwe village

We will be getting money from the rich giving it to the poor/
300 billion a month from mealie meal and fuel ,oh yes I am sure

Albert Einstein said doing the same things to expect different results is insane/
Muhabi use your brain we can’t maintain subsidies they won’t sustain the economy, that’s vain

You guys in MMD boasted that the economy was growing/
But the poor people index showed poverty was high and not slowing

Let me make this clear I predicted we would march to state house and we did/
I now predict that the removal of subsidies will make us rich indeed

Muhabi: How do u feel sitting there lying to the people/
Trying to sound intelligent but your rap skills are too simple

Subsidies are money given as part of a cost as either a ware fare measure or to stabilise prices or as a stimulus plan,or to address market failure

It can be done as a tax credit, tax incentive or finance a deficit/
You are only doing it as a warefare plan, you are a living deceit

Yes you are now facing the wrath of Muhabi Lungu/
They don’t call me MMD spokesman for nothing, Sampa you can’t speak English I speak it like a muzungu (white person)

You say removal of subsidies is a saving for the long term/
Not its not, you are changing the structure of your budget you guys are to blame

Chiluba removed subsidies and the economy never improved/
Mwanawasa put subsidies back, the economy improved, even history has it proved

PF has run out of ideas, people are betrayed my dears/
There are no more cheers people are left with fears

Sampa: Hold up Muhabi you have come with papers to prove your facts/
I am unprepared I thought this was just friendly battle raps

Removal of subsidies are not the only way to stimulate economic progress/
We can do it through interest rates, check your facts before you make further comments

We have vouchers for small scale farmers we provide seeds/
Subsidies didn’t work in Mwanawasa’s time, Muhabi check your news feeds

Muhabi: Stop right there, subsidies worked in government of Mwanawasa
Your own Agriculture Minister said producer subsidies were successful yanapasa

PF said they would be more socialistic than MMD and give people more subsidies/
but now you are doing the same thing that MMD did, you guys live in fantasies

You are making people poorer in the short term for the sake of the long term, styopet
But that’s a reversal of the short term promises of more money in our pockets

You guys said MMD boasted the economy was growing but poor people didn’t feel it/
yet today you are removing subsidies and poor people can’t deal with it

Mr Deputy Finance Minister you should be more noble/
Because the way you are rapping makes you sound like a chikopo (dull)

Sampa: walanda sana, yaba, amano yandi yasalangana (you have spoken so much, my brains have scattered)
We would buy fuel from abroad at K10 and sell at 5 kwacha, muleufwikisha sana (listen attentively)?

So because of that, government had no money to develop rural places/
We have to feed hungry faces, removal of subsidies will make us stride paces

Let me make this clear we have 500 metric tons of maize,we will make money and develop Zambia, let me make this clear, this is serious not funny.

Muhabi: You sound like a broken record, don’t you realise/
That people are buying more cars in Zambia because fuel costs were subsidized

And when you increase fuel prices, the less cars people buy/
Is that hard for you to understand? PF why do you lie?

I am sorry but your story is far from glory/
You are reversing economic growth with results less than jolly

Sampa you are on a hot seat and you have lost the battle/
The question is what are you doing being a Deputy Minister if your answers are whack and subtle?

You and PF need to go and do your homework/
Because in this Rap battle, you just got slain.