Extended family system vital in poverty fight – Scott

THE PF’s concern for the poor is still alive, says Vice-President Guy Scott.

And World Vision Zambia has invested over US$1.2 billion since 1981 through various interventions in areas of health, education, HIV and AIDS, water and sanitation, agricultural improvements aimed at uplifting poor Zambians.

Officially launching the World Vision national strategy for fiscal year 2013 to 2015 in Lusaka yesterday, Vice-President Scott said the government was impressed with the organisation’s consultative approach when coming with programmes aimed at reducing poverty.

“When we took over government, we found out that this country was almost becoming an elitist economy where you find consistent traffic jams comprising vehicles costing US$80,000 each yet we are a poor country,” Vice-President Scott said. “Individuals should take responsibility of other individuals; we need to mobilise this aspect where villagers, for example, used to bring maize for other villagers in need.