Exposed: panbrick victim Adam Banda not police officer but PF cadre

Adam Banda, the person who was hit with a pan brick at Woodlands police station when UPND supporters clashed with police is not a police officer.

Sources within Zambia Police Service have reviewed that Adam Banda is not a member of Zambia Police Service but a PF cadre from Chawama .

Sources say that is why the police are reluctant to investigate as directed by Home Affairs Edgar Lungu.

Sources say Adam Banda (in the picture) was one of the five PF cadres assigned to masquerade as Police Officers and Journalists to get information.

According to sources, Adam Banda runs a Bar in Chawama and henchman for Home Affairs Minister and Chawama MP Edger Lungu and was on a PF assignment when he was injured.

His neighbours and relatives in Chamwana were shocked to see the barman being paraded as a Police Officer.

Sources further say the person who threw the brick is a police officer who had inside information.