Exposed: Fr Bwalya is sponsored by Fred M’membe

Frank Bwalya is sponsored and working with Post newspaper owner Fred M’membe, the Watchdog has been told.
And Fr Bwalya has asked former Pemba MP and ex-ZRA director David Matongo to find his father who is believed to be somewhere in the villages of Pemba in Southern Province.
Fr Bwalya does not know his father but reports have emerged that he was sired by a Tonga man whom he never met thus adopting his mother’s family name; Bwalya. But now that he wants to be president, the search for dad has began.
Meanwhile, sports minister Chishimba Kambwili has personal reasons to oppose Fr Bwalya to the point of insulting him.
Laughable as it sounds and since anyone can now be president in Zambia, Kambwili has presidential ambitions. According to people close to Kambwili, he is one of the people president Michael Sata promised to handover power to.
Frank Bwalya was also promised the presidency but to take over from  Kambwili.
‘You know Sata is a liar.