Exposed: Alexander Chikwanda pursues 22-year old Libala girl

Chikwanda at a different setup
Information has been posted online claiming that Minister of Finance Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda has been troubling a certain young lady who stays in Libala Phase 2 asking for sexual favors since 2011 when she was at Evelyne Horne College.
The young lady is 22 years old. The lady has been spurning his advances all this time. But it seems like the Minister does not have No in his vocabulary. He cannot understand why the girl is not interested in him, after all he is a minister. With boyish infatuation, the old minister has not been deterred. He has been visiting the girl’s home in Libala Phase 2 with all kinds of gifts.
So residents of Libala, when you see the minister’s vehicle in your neighborhood, know that he is on a mission to please his anaconda. Now he has managed to bribe the girl’s uncle, brother and sisters and now they are pressuring the girl to leave her boyfriend and go for the married and aging minister.