Even if you removed all Deputy Ministers the saving would be a drop in the ocean – Miles Sampa

Commerce Chairman for the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Central Committee Miles Sampa claims that even if all the over 70 Deputy Ministers were fired the saving will not be significant.

Speaking on a Special National Watch programme on ZNBC Television monitored by Zambian Eye, May 25, 2013, Sampa who is one of the two Deputy Ministers at Ministry of Commerce said the saving from removing Deputy Ministers would be ‘a drop in the ocean.’

“Even if you fired all the Deputy Ministers the savings will be a drop in the ocean, the real serving is from removing subsidies,” responded Sampa when asked why government would not consider savings from cutting on the bloated government.

He said in terms of Ministers PF had 19 compared to 21 by the MMD government.

Sampa accused those opposing the removal of subsidies of being beneficiaries on the programme that he said was not benefiting the poor but the rich people. He said the PF would want to get any savings like from subsidies to put it to sectors that will direct benefit the poor people in rural areas.

Asked to cut on by-elections by stopping poaching opposition Members of Parliament, Sampa said the MPs were joining the PF on their own. He also said holding by-elections was a requirement by the constitution whenever a vacancy occurs.

“We are not poaching, they are just coming on their own,” Sampa said. “We have just opened the door and by constitution we are mandated to hold these by-elections in 90 days money or no money.”

Sampa also said the PF have no apology to make to Zambians saying the party is living upto its promises during the campaigns. He complained that the system was painfully slow and frustrating to expedite development.  He explained that the PF has inherited a civil service from the previous MMD regime that was used to work at a snails pace.

He suggested that if there was a way when a party lose power it should go with its civil service so that the new government come with its own. Sampa said he has had problems to push for some work that sometimes he has been misunderstood of having some interest.

“We may have the vision but the system is so slow,” he explained adding that the PF had not changed from its promise and stance on being a pro-poor government.

“We have no apologies to make and we know by 2016 people will see,” Sampa assured. “We are doing what we promised to do, uplift poor people’s lives. We need to stop this misuse of this monster called subsidies.”

He said the PF government will want to get resources from rich to the poor people.