Evelyn Mwanawasa Suffers Hypertension After Filling In Nominations, Candidates React to Her Pulling-Out

EVELYN Mwanawasa’s decision to pull out of the Kafulafuta parliamentary by-election on the MMD ticket has been received with mixed feelings by fellow contestants.

Some of the contestants are wishing Ms Mwanawasa a quick recovery from hypertension.
Others, on the other hand, are saying she should have stayed away from politics right from the start, given her health condition.

Evelyn Mwanawasa

The plot thickened further, however, with members of the MMD Mwanawasa campaign team in Kafulafuta vowing to continue campaigning for her from her sick-bed since her name remains on the ballot paper, according to Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) rules.

The first one to wish Ms Mwanawasa well was PF candidate James Chishiba, who also wished Ms Mwanawasa “good luck” in her future endeavours.

“This development is very unfortunate. I am a Christian and I cannot celebrate when another human being is unwell,” Mr Chishiba said.