Evelyn Hone students demonstration

Students protesting

Students protesting

By Samishel Samantha Lukonde
I see no point in students demonstrating and destroying school property that realistically belongs to them. I see it as an act of even increasing the needs of the school.

You demonstrate and destroy your own school furniture, shatter your windows and inconvenience your own school calender. I agree that there is much to be done about the infrastructure and conditions given to all students in these government institutions.

There is a rightful channel to follow to address issues in distress. Why do students take a quarter of the year just to elect a Student Union? Have students lost the need to have this platform of governance? Do the Students Unions incite this violence themselves….I call it idiocentrism…help me if their could be a better word.

To delegate the leader chosen at such a specified environment clearly tells you that this leader or group of people is delegated to address issues on behalf of the students body. If you feel nothing is being done, call upon the government or better yet still have a peaceful match to their offices and stress your grievances….invite them to your institutions so they can tour.

If they don’t come, there are various forms of media that you could use to show them how much there is nothing they are doing. Tell them how you could do the best job given the chance that you are in their position.

Mapping out what leadership role you have as a student also gives an idea of how you would lead outside that campus.

We sang anthems and created themes of change….but even the the most dangerous of our demonstrations were not adhered to…the weeks followed and we sat back in our destroyed lecture theaters looking like once upon a time fully pumped tyre but now deflated.

I am not saying to give up on trying or wanting to make your school the best place to learn and achieve…am saying there is a better way to do it and demonstrations of violence are not the best way.