Evelyn Hone closed after a riot

The Patriotic Front government has closed Evelyn Hone College in Lusaka after students rioted on Thursday morning over the removal of bursaries and poor sanitation.
Some classrooms were burnt during the riot which management has condemned and Police arrested about 70 students. The students against the government’s move to replace bursaries with loans.

Later at a Media briefing Education Minister announced the closure of the Institution. He said the closure is aimed at paving way for rehabilitation of the damaged property at the Institution. Property worth over 500, 000 kwacha rebased has been damaged.

The Minister has ordered that all students leave the Institution by 10am Friday, July 12, 2013. He said his government will not tolerate lawlessness and urged Police to ensure that culprits are brought to book to serve as a lesson to any would be destructive student protestor.

The PF cabinet recently agreed that riotous students must meet the cost of any property damaged during the riot.