E/Province continues to be MMD’s beacon of light – Nevers

MMD president Nevers Mumba says Eastern Province has continued to be a beacon of light to the party.

And Mumba says what is happening to former president Rupiah Banda is “very, very sad for Zambia” and “very, very bad for democracy”.

Featuring on Feel Free FM’s Face to Face programme yesterday, Mumba who is on his tour of the province said the MMD had continued to enjoy massive support in the province.

He said the province had always been true to the party.

“This is one of the provinces that said ‘no’ to the PF and overwhelmingly voted for the MMD. Time has come for the province to remain true to the MMD. Our prayer is that this province remains as a beacon of light to prove to the rest of the country that this province was right in its decision to vote for MMD,” Mumba said.

He said the PF government should accept other political parties as partners in development.