Elias Chipimo attacked by Suspected PF Cadres

Suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres on Tuesday this morning attacked National Restoration Party (NAREP) President Elias Chipimo and his group as they were doing some shopping at Lusaka’s Down Town Complex.

The cadres pounced on Chipimo who was with his National Secretary, Jevan Kamanga and other party officials.

The attacks comes barely a week after Chipimo was also blocked by the PF cadres as he wanted to feature on a radio programme on Mano fm in Kasama, Northern Province.

NAREP Presidential Adviser David Kapoma said in an interview on Tuesday July 23, 2013 the cadres also abducted Kamanga and injured some security personnel.

Kapoma expressed dissatisfaction with the conduct of the PF cadres who are trying to restrict people freedom of movement .

He said it is uncalled for that the PF have continued to harass citizens of Ethe country.