Education system has been neglected – Scott

VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott says the government is working hard to build the 30 years of neglected development by the MMD.

And Vice-President Scott has described the UPND as an up and down political party.

Speaking when he addressed a rally at Lukomba Secondary School in Mpula area within Kapiri Mposhi on Friday, Vice-President Scott said the education system in the country had not been up to standards for 30 years.

“22,000 schools that we have in this country cannot be fixed within 18 months when they have been neglected for 30 years. We are working extremely hard to build 30 years of neglected development. A lot of work needs to be done,” Vice-President Scott said.

During the same rally, Vice-President Scott assured the farmers that the government was working hard to get the fertiliser system to work properly.

He also said the government was working at buying the farmers’ maize early enough for cash.