Education Minister warns students, as President Sata orders him to expel protesting students and hand them over to Police

MINISTER of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education John Phiri has warned students in various public universities not to be used by disgruntled politicians as tools to cause confusion.
Dr Phiri was speaking after receiving a directive from President Michael Sata to expel University of Zambia Students protesting against the removal of subsidies.
“There are disgruntled Zambians out there, who want to use students in universities and colleges to cause confusion, as Minister in charge, I will not allow this and I want to warn students not to allow to be used as tools of confusion,” Dr Phiri said.
He said the students were also beneficiaries of the removal of the subsidies as some of the funds saved would be channeled to the education sector.
“I don’t want any of my students in all institutions to be at risk of arrest or expulsion ,the PF needs all the students to prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow,” Dr Phiri said.