Education is not key to success – Defence Minister GBM

Defence Minister Mwamba

Defence Minister Mwamba

Zambia’s Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said he is an example to the World that with moderate education he is a successful businessman.

Mwamba one of the leading business persons in Zambia states that education is not the only key to success but discipline and hard work.

“I have very moderate education but I am today an example to the world that people can still make it in life even with moderate education,” said Mwamba popularly known as GBM during his mother’s memorial on Saturday.

Mwamba who doesn’t have any tertiary education said he has made it in life because of hard work and listening to elders. He paid tribute to his mother whom he said had contributed to his success in business.

He said he was always forced to work hard because the mother kept track his progress and wanted to see him prosper.

“I must say that I owe all what I have today to my mother Grace, who was a very tough woman and always checked on me and because I was scared of her I made sure that I worked very hard,” explained Mwamba.

Mwamba, fourth in the government hierarchy played a major role in helping the Patriotic Front (PF) win elections by financing the opposition party campaigns.