ECZ Warns Mpezeni Against Openly Campaigning for Mangani

Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has expressed concern over the conduct of Paramount Chief Mpezeni during the Patriotic Front (PF) rally in Chipata.

ECZ Acting Public Relations Manager, Sylvia Bwalya, says it was against the law for Chief Mpezeni to openly campaign for a particular candidate in the by election.

Bwalya said this in a statement on Monday July 22,2013 that some aspects of the PF political advertisement which was aired on ZNBC where Paramount Chief Mpezeni asked the audience to support a PF candidate were unfortunate.

She said the conduct exhibited by the traditional ruler is an abrogation of Section 129 of the Republican Constitution which forbids chiefs from participating in partisan politics.

Bwalya said the Commission has since advised all chiefs who are invited to political functions to desist from making partisan statements.

She said the commission will continue to sensitise chiefs in areas where by-elections are being held on the importance of being non partisan and the need for them to desist from coercing or intimidating their subjects during campaigns, public debates or elections.