ECZ has printed excess ballots for Kapiri – UPND

THE UPND has questioned the rationale in which the Electoral Commission of Zambia over-printed ballot papers by 3,654 for the Kapiri Mposhi by-election.

But Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) public relations manager Cris Akufuna refuted UPND’s claims, saying the Commission does not overprint ballot papers for elections.

In a letter dated April 19, 2013 to Kapiri Mposhi district conflict management resolution committee chairperson signed by Mwembeshi UPND member of parliament Austin Milambo, who is also the campaign manager, the UPND stated that the extra ballot papers should not be dispatched to polling stations as the turnout of voters during by-elections had never been 100 per cent.

“Ref: Overprinting of ballot papers by 3,654. We write to bring to your attention that registered voters in Kapiri Mposhi parliamentary constituency are 84,386, but the printed ballot papers are 88,050.