Draw up programmes to develop Zambia, Munkombwe tells engineers

SOUTHERN Province minister Daniel Munkombwe says he would be fighting with God if he did not accept his ministerial appointments.

And Mukombwe has called on engineers in the country to make use of President Sata’s passion for development and draw up programmes that will help in developing the country.

Speaking at the Engineering Institute of Zambia annual general meeting and national symposium, Munkombwe said his ability to work with five presidents was because he was a “useful politician”.

“All the presidents find me useful and if they appointed me and I refuse, I would be fighting against God. If you refuse to be useful and God wants you to continue to be useful and you are saying no, then you are arguing with God,” Munkombwe said. “I am not the only politician in the country but I know how to create situations or impact for people to talk about me. That is why I continue to be relevant.