Drama in Court: Newstead Zimba’s wife collapses after loosing family house in a divorce

Zimba's wife colapseNaomi Mbewe, wife of Newstead Zimba collapsed Tuesday morning, November 5, 2013 shortly after a Lusaka Boma Local Court granted the couple divorce.

And Zimba a former Minister in MMD government is not happy with the Court’s ruling to grant the couple a divorce and has vowed to appeal against the verdict.

Hot FM, a private owned Lusaka based Radio station reports that Naomi broke into tears and fell to the ground inside the Court room shortly after the judge ruled that the family house located at Number 2 Nalikwanda Road, Woodlands will be owned by Mr. Zimba.

The Court had earlier ruled that Ms. Mbewe will get the beauty training school she jointly owns with Mr. Zimba and a Nissan Xtrail, one of the two family vehicles.

The judge also allowed Mr. Zimba to keep custody of the couple’s youngest child while the two children aged 17 and 19 will choose whom they will stay with.

But a sobbing Noami interjected the Judge arguing that it is unfair for Mr. Zimba to keep the family house while she gets the beauty training school which is now non-operational.

The court however advised Noami to appeal against the judgment if she is not satisfied.

Relatives, friends and well-wishers were on hand to help Noami to her feet and later whisked her away.

The couple got married in 1993 and has three children.

And Zimba who still wants to keep the marriage have vowed that he will appeal against the divorce verdict. Zimba was heard complaining while having his launch at Parliament Motel that he will appeal.

He said he had already organized papers of appeal and would definitely launch an appeal tomorrow, November 6, 2013.

Zimba who was a Trade Unionist before joining politics in 1990 and became Minister in the MMD administration under the late Dr. Chiluba later served as Ambassador to Sweden in the Mwanawasa administration.