Dr. Kaunda describes Sata’s critics wicked …praises him saying he is a wonderful man

Dr. Kaunda welcomes President Sata at Freedom Stature for the wreath laying ceremony, October 24, 2013

Dr. Kaunda welcomes President Sata at Freedom Stature for the wreath laying ceremony, October 24, 2013

First President Kenneth Kaunda today praised President Michael Sata when he addressed an Independence commemoration in Kitwe on the Copperbelt province.

Dr. Kaunda who was the Special Guest at the event which President Sata graced to mark 49 years of Independence described him as a wonderful man. He said he was proud of President Sata because of his works.

The First President said President Sata had developed and changed Zambia the last two years he has been in government.

“You are a wonderful man, you have changed Zambia from collapsing,” Dr. Kaunda said.

He cited the Roads construction, setting up of new Districts and province as some of the developments brought in by President Sata. He said President Sata had managed to put Zambia on the World Map by successful co-hosting of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) with Zimbabwe.

Dr. Kaunda also praised Sata for having created a strong relationship with Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe. He strongly condemned those critizsing the leadership of President Sata and described them as wicked.

“My Governor, first Governor of Lusaka,” Dr. Kaunda saluted President Sata. “Whatever this wicked people are saying Micheal Chilufya Sata is working. He is building Zambia, from East to West, North to South, he is not a tribalists.”

He said President Sata did not look at tribe or race in making appointments adding that he had appointed a white person, Guy Scott as his Vice president.

Dr. Kaunda quoted Sata’s words that he (Sata) and Barack Obama US president were the only two black presidents in the World with White Vice presidents.  “Only two black Presidents in the World with two white Vice presidents… wise words,” Dr Kaunda commented.

He also praised Sata on the way he handled the calls spearheaded by some Ministers for him to contest the 2016 polls. He said some “confused people” went round shouting 2016 Sata! 2016 Sata!

Dr. Kaunda said when Sata who was out of the country for United Nations General Assembly returned back home, he in a calm manner dismissed such calls and instead called for concentration to develop the country.

“Ba Mudala I shouldn’t waste your time, continue with what you are doing,” said Dr. Kaunda who also praised First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba for going round attending Health events.

He said Dr. Kaseba, the wife to President Sata was hard working woman and urged her to take good care of his husband.

Dr. Kaunda disclsoed that he has always been praying for President Sata because of the good work he was doing for the country contrary to his critics in reference to the opposition.

It seems President Sata has proved Dr. Kaunda wrong following what he told Zambians just a few days before elections in 2006. Dr. Kaunda told Zambians that Sata was not suitable for the position of President. He said he knew Sata well adding that he would work best under someone and not him as President.