Dr Kaseba meets with UNICEF Chief

NEW York, Tuesday, May 14, 2013 — First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba-Sata has held a private
meeting with UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake and discussed, among other issues, improving health care in Zambia.
During the meeting at UNICEF Headquarters in New York on Monday, the First Lady sought
UNICEF’s help to improve neo-natal care in Zambia.
Dr Kaseba-Sata furthermore asked UNICEF to help improve sanitation and provision of clean
water at health institutions, just like at schools, to combat diarrhea diseases.
Dr Kaseba-Sata said there was need for standardised implementation and monitoring of health
care to ensure uniformity.
She hoped UNICEF could help mobilise required funds to implement the prescribed standards of care.
Dr Kaseba-Sata commended UNICEF for its good working relationship with the Zambian Government and people.
Mr Lake commended Dr Kaseba-Sata for her role on children’s issues.