DR KASEBA has received a frontline award from GBCHealth

First Lady CHRISTINE KASEBA has received a frontline award from the
Global Coalition on Health at the on-going health conference in New York
This is in recognition of her work as a medical doctor and an advocate for
improved health service provision for women and childrento working with
women and children and serving human life and improving maternal health
And in her speech after receiving the ward Dr KASEBA pledged to continue
working hard and to advocate for the reduction in the number of women and
children who die at child .
The First Lady said Zambia has made strides to improve medical service
provision as well as reduce the disease burden in Malaria,HIV and AIDS as
well as TB and cervical cancer.
Dr KASEBA said government is about to start the vaccination of 50 thousand
girls with the human papilloma Vacinne to prevent cervical cancer which has
continued to kill women in Zambia and in Africa as a whole.