Dr Chituwo Doubts Zambia’s Capacity to Handle Ebola Outbreak

Former health minister Dr Brian Chituwo says he doubts the capacity of Zambia to deal with an Ebola outbreak in the event of a break out.
Dr Chituwo said Zambia did not seem to have the capacity to deploy personnel at all entry points given the shortage of health workers.
He said the Ministry of Health was working with a skeleton staff and therefore stretching the available personnel to deal with Ebola would further deplete the human resource.
“Do we have the capacity? We already have a shortage of personnel in the health sector and to even get the few among them and take to border areas will leave the sector in a state of crisis,” he said.
“What we need is to recruit more personnel because even after those that were fired it left the sector further depleted. We should recruitment for that purpose even if it means for a short period to deal with the Ebola threat let us do that.”

Source : Zambia Reports

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