Dr. Alpo Mbambo Senior Secondary School from the Kavango East Region won the Anti-Corruption Song Competition (ACC) during a grand finale held in Swakopmund on Friday evening.

Monica Geingos and Angra Pequena Secondary Schools from Otjozondjupa and //Kharas regions secured second and third place respectively, followed by Mweshipandeka High School from Oshana Region in fourth place.

The competition, aimed at harnessing the power of art and raising awareness about corruption, its detrimental effects on society, and the need for collective action to combat it, was launched in July. A total of 55 schools from 13 regions submitted their entry forms, with the exception of Kunene Region.

Out of these, only 33 schools participated in the first elimination round, where 13 schools were selected for the inter-regional competition, from which the top four were chosen for the grand finale.

Speaking at the event, ACC Acting Director-General Advocate Erna van der Merwe, said the competition is one of the Anti-Corruption Commission’s initiatives to respond to the National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan (NACSAP) 2021-2025.

“From 03 August 2023, the ACC collaborated with key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, Art and Culture; Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, and the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation to promote a culture of integrity through the song competition by secondary school choirs in all 14 regions across the country,” she noted.

Erongo Governor, Neville Andre Itope, expressed that addressing corruption is not solely the responsibility of law enforcement agencies but should be a collective responsibility.

“Corruption has afflicted our country for far too long, hindering progress, eroding trust, and hampering the overall development of our nation. Issues such as bribery, fraud, use of office for gratification, and the misuse of public funds threaten to erode the trust between the government and its people,” he expressed.

The winners received a cash prize of N.dollars 25,000, followed by N.dollars 12,000 and N.dollars 7,500 for second and third places, and N.dollars 5,500 for the fourth-place winners. All prizes are accompanied by a trophy.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency